Sunday, November 17, 2013

2013 Birthday Cakes: Minecraft!

Today, we had a joint birthday party for our boys.  We took the kids to see Thor 2.  Movie parties are great because all the kids stay put and are quiet, LOL!  I missed the last 15  minutes of the movie as I had to slip out to set up the party room.  I may need to sneak into the theatre to see the ending and the Easter egg trailer in the credits! ;o). Instead of super hero cakes, the boys wanted a Minecraft theme.   Ry asked for a TNT cake and Colin wanted cupcakes with the animal figures from the game.

I started with 4 Duncan Hines boxed cakes.  My Wilton teacher recommended them and they have never let me down!  I made the cakes on Friday & Saturday. Ryan helped me make the animal figures on Saturday afternoon. He took stills of the game so I could see what the animals looked like.  We did, chickens, pigs, sheep and creepers!  We made them out of fondant.  He helped me make the sheep which look more like puppies to me, but he didn't care!  

This morning, I frosted everything and then put the fondant on the TNT cake.  I was rushing so it's not my best work. While I was fixing my blunders, I kept imaging Kerry Vincent from the Foodnetwork cake competitions tsk tsking behind me!!  

I made the TNT cake three layers.  After I put them together, I had to do a little trimming to get the cube which made my husband happy because there is now a baggy of un frosted cake in the pantry.  Before putting the fondant on, I iced the entire cake in buttercream.

The perfectionist in me was upset with the imperfections, but both boys loved their cakes which means more to me than anything else!  Happy Birthday, Ryan & Colin!  XOXO Mom

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