Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Kids Cooking: Nutella Krispie Treats

A couple of weeks ago, I saw this yummy recipe on The Pioneer Woman!  I knew that I had to make them when my kids stopped in front of the tv when Ree was mixing in the Nutella. :o). Rice Krispie Treats are a fun and easy recipe for kids to make with some adult supervision around the stove.  We used Ree's recipe with no changes & it took about 15-20 minutes in total to make.  

Start by chopping up pecans.  I use a nut  grinder which is kid friendly .

Butter up a 9x13 pan and set aside.

Melt semi-sweet chocolate.  I make a double boiler with a bowl over a sauce pan of boiling water,

Melt 4tbps butter over medium heat & then add large marshmallows.  Stir constantly to prevent burning.  When the marshmallows are about half way melted, add in the Nutella.  

Add 2 tbsp butter to the marshmallow mixture at the end of the cooking time.

Fold the marshmallow mixture into bowl of Rice Krispie cereal and work quickly to mix it all together.  Add the nuts & mini- marshmallows.  

Press mixture into the buttered 9x13 pan.    Finish by drizzling the melted chocolate over the pan of treats.  

Lastly, let the kids have the left over chocolate and be prepared for a mess :o). My boys gave me chocolate kisses as payback for all the times I leave lipstick on their cheeks!  Love my boys & am so happy to share the kitchen with them!

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