Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Goodies Part 2!

Yesterday, my sons and I spent the day making Christmas treats for their teachers and our neighbors.  The boys like to help me in the kitchen.  They unwrapped 3 bags of caramels which yielded about 2.5 bags after they took their payment :). They are also very good at crushing graham crackers and sprinkling M&M'S!  We made Gluten Free Decadent Double Chocolate-Cherry cookies, M&M Candy Bark, Magic Cookie Bars , Almond Crunch Toffee and Chex Mix.  All the recipes are simple, but they do take time due to chilling and cooling times.  I've made the almond toffee crunch for a few years.  I made it this year by special request from my husband's aunt and cousin.  His cousin went so far as to hide it from her kids!  I also sent some of  the M&M bark so the boys didn't miss out!

I used regular pretzel sticks this time for the M&M candy bark.  For the magic cookie bars, I added a layer of butterscotch chips.  My modification to the Chex mix is to sub out the wheat Chex for Cheerios and I skip the garlic chips.

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