Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fish Camp 2013: Fresh Caught Walleye!

I've been away from my blog for a few weeks, but I've been cooking!  One of those weeks was spent on a beautiful lake in the Northwestern Ontario.  This was the 19th year for great Canadian fishing!  My dad has been taking me fishing since I was a young girl.  We fished many a summer evening on Lake Erie catching Perch and Sheep Head.  We also waded into trout streams on opening days hoping to entice a Rainbow out of its rocky home! During my teenage years, we lived on a lake so fishing was plentiful, but then I left home and my time was taken up with school and work.  The trips to Canada started in 1994.  We went to Healy's Gods Lake Narrows Lodge, Manitoba, CA.  It was the first time I caught Northern Pike and Walleye!  We had a great time and made new friends! I was officially hooked!  

I'm rockin that perm!! :)

We travelled to Gods Lake for 6 years and caught hundreds of fish!! We have always done catch and release while keeping a few each day for lunch!  Below is a picture of one of those stringers.

After those years, we found Tukto Lodge, Northwest Territories and Dubwant Lake, Nunevant, CA.  Both of these camps are on the Arctic tundra.  They have large Lake Trout and aggressive Arctic Grayling.  The other inhabitants of the land include Grizzly Bears and Musk Ox!  We saw both from the safety of the float plane which was fine by me!  My record fish, a 33 lb trout was caught in the icy waters of Mosquito Lake where Tukto is located.  Yes, the lake lives up to it's name with lots of mosquitos!!  The lodge is run by a gentleman who also owns several outpost camps in Ontario so last year, we tried one of the camps.  We also added a third to our fishing party, my nephew, Davis! 

It was our first adventure without a guide.  They dropped us off for 3 days of fishing!  It was super hot and the fishing was low, but Davis loved his first taste of the Canadian wilderness although he did do a jig when we got back to electricity to charge his phone! ;). This year, we tried a new lake and caught lots of fish, played UNO, sat around the campfire and made memories to last a life time!  I feel so blessed to make these trips!  My husband is such a great partner and isn't afraid to face a week alone with the boys even when they were babies.  He knows how much this trip means to me!  These trips with my dad and now my nephew too are special to my heart!!

Our cabin this year was very pretty and had a great kitchen run entirely on propane.

Every day we had walleye for lunch which we cooked in a fish cooker much like you do a fried turkey.
The recipe is really simple.

Fresh Walleye:

3 walleye (6-7 fillets)
2 eggs
2 tbsp water
1 1/2 cups bread crumbs
Salt and pepper to taste

Beat eggs and water together in a shallow bowl. Mix the bread crumbs and spices together in another bowl. Dredge the fish through the egg mixture and then through the crumbs.  

Cook the fish in hot oil for about 2 minutes and enjoy!

Thanks Dad and Davis for another wonderful trip!  I hope we have many, many more!! XOXO

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