Monday, October 15, 2012

Baptism Cake for a new Godson!

This week I've been away from home for work and pleasure! Yesterday, my husband and I were blessed to become Godparents again! All of our Godchildren are dear to us and we feel very honored to be chosen to be this new little one's Godparents. I was given the honor of making the cake for his celebration. Being 10 hours away from my kitchen this was a bit of a trick as I didn't have all of my tools! I made the cake using Duncan Hines Butter Cake as I think they are the moistest cakes! I made Wilton butter cream icing for the filling and also to layer under the fondant that I covered the cake and board with. Fondant is the adult version of play dough. You get to knead, roll and cut out fun shapes. For this cake, I tinted some fondant blue and cut out 50-75 small flowers. After covering the cake with white fondant, I put the flowers on to create a silhouette of a cross. The whole process took about 3 hours not including the cooling times for the cakes. I don't think you will ever see my work on the Food Network, but as long as it earns a hug, that's enough for me!

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